UNICEF Defines a Clear Strategy for Innovation

Instead of a completely new approach to generating ideas, UNICEF realized they needed a system to leverage the great thinking the already had.

Defining the Purpose of an Innovation Fund.

The HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund, UNICEF’s effort to scale breakthrough solutions in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, faced a crucial question: what exactly is an innovation fund and how should it be organized? Maximizing the impact of the fund was a vital priority for the organization.

Start with what you’ve done well in the past.

To answer these questions, Jump joined UNICEF in conducting a close audit of their innovation successes to date. The team then conducted interviews with folks up and down UNICEF’s organizational ladder and across the globe from New York to Kosovo to ensure that the Fund’s strategy played to the organization’s strengths.

Innovate through a Search and Repurpose strategy.

Through the course of the project the team reframed the problem UNICEF faced. What at first appeared to be a need for a completely new approach to generate ideas turned out to be a need to systematically leverage the great thinking that was already happening across UNICEF’s programs. As a result, Jump recommended a Search and Repurpose strategy for the Fund, which identifies successful solutions and figures out how to apply them in new contexts.

Align the organization around the new strategy.

Today, the HIV/AIDS Innovation Fund speaks to donors in a voice that inspires confidence and contributions and field officers have a guiding strategic framework that helps them to make decisions and evaluate trade-offs as they develop catalytic projects.


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