Multi-channel Strategy

How do you create a seamless brand experience and coordinate inventory across channels? How can your online experience be differentiated? How do you support new cross-channel shopping behaviors? Jump draws on our experience in mobile, retail, and consumer behavior to help our clients define and implement successful multi-channel strategies.

New Formats and Experiences

Retailers must constantly revitalize themselves to remain relevant amidst changing expectations. Alternate formats and footprints can create new occasions to engage with the brand. New experiences can expand the existing business into adjacent markets. Jump melds empathy for people with business systems analysis to help retailers develop scalable, profitable new organic growth ideas for the core business.

Strategic Brand Partnerships

Retailers are seeking new revenue streams. Leading brands and vendors want to improve their visibility and uniqueness in the store. Jump helps clients create alliances with their vendors and other service providers and develop new co-branded businesses and offerings.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Strategy

It’s harder and more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. Today’s proliferation of choices for consumers means that even brands with the highest affinity can struggle to continually engage with their best customers. By empathizing with people’s needs, Jump helps retailers build lasting, profitable connections with their customers.

Segmentation Strategy

From Millennials to Baby Boomers and Hispanics, retailers are figuring out how to create offerings that are resonant with changing demographics. Jump helps clients reach untamed segments by identifying relevant cultural narratives that make offerings,merchandising and messaging more personal and sticky.


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