Nike Increases the Impact of New Business Initiatives

The Explore team had no shortage of ideas. Choosing which ideas to pursue posed the greatest challenge.

Creating a reliable process for launching new businesses.

Without a clear strategy, new business groups can fall prey to their companies’ own risk-mitigating immune system. Jump helped a team at Nike to clarify its mandate, define new opportunities, and build systems for new developing businesses. As a result, the team has helped move Nike beyond shoes and into sunglasses, watches, and even MP3 players.

Increasing the innovation hit rate.

Nike’s internal systems for disruptive innovation rank among the best in the world. It new business team has been among those responsible for pushing Nike beyond its core footwear business and into the broader sports category, including watches, sunglasses, and MP3 players. But over time, this team became a victim of its own success. The once-agile team of “Navy Seals” was growing into a larger group that needed to improve the hit rate of its new business projects.

Developing a mandate for innovation.

Working together, Jump helped the Explore team clarify its mandate – and get buy-in on that mandate from key stakeholders. Jump helped Nike develop an Opportunity Map, a visualization of all the new market areas the team could pursue, so that the team could rally behind only the directions that it should pursue. This map helped the team develop strategic criteria for prioritizing its work.

New ways of working.

The Nike team worked with Jump to develop a new strategy, focusing on projects that would ultimately position the group for greater influence. Within six months, the plan helped double the team’s output. With a clear strategy that accounted for both customer needs and competitive activity, the internal team helped Nike develop major new growth platforms. Among these was the Nike + iPod, a breakout product that defined a new market at the intersection of personal fitness and digital entertainment.


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