Tal Shay


Tal Shay combines her passion for understanding human behavior with her ability will to identify and create new business solutions. She pulls from her deep and diverse experience, both in-house and as a consultant in Israel and the U.S. for companies such as Sapient, Frog Design, and the pioneering instant communication service ICQ. Her experience in user research and interaction design has helped clients such as The Mayo Clinic, HP-Indigo, and many startups create strategies and solutions that are both desirable and realistic. Tal holds a Masters in Human-Centered-Design from the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago, IL, and a B.A. in Psychology and Interdisciplinary studies from Tel-Aviv University. She has enjoyed extensive food tastings in 27 countries so far, and can often be found writing scripted notes from right to left, which she claims to be Hebrew.


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