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5 Ways to Manage Talent in Times of Rapid Change

The world is changing faster than ever, making life extremely difficult for anyone trying to grow a business, in particular Human Resource professionals.

The Future of Technology is Contextual

In an era-defining piece for Fast Company, Pete Mortensen outlines the early indicators of Contextual Computing and the four data graphs that will drive next-generation technology.

How Companies Can Get in on the Mobile Payments Game

To understand the future of mobile payments, you must understand the history of mobile phones.

A Survival Guide for Retail Banking

The steps that banks can take to remain relevent.

Health Insurers Just Got 35 Million New Customers. Will They Treat Them Like Wal-Mart, Target Or Apple?

Insurers have both a tremendous opportunity and a serious threat.

Empathy in Healthcare's a Waste, Unless It's a Strategic Focus.

Building an organization that is wired to care requires a commitment.

Three Imperatives to Transform Innovation in Pharma

Our health landscape has shifted from infectious diseases to complex lifetime conditions

Don't Get Distracted By the Healthcare Debate

UnitedHealth Group is in the business of providing access to effective healthcare, not just insurance.

Do You Know What Your Adoption Risk Is? Here's How To Reduce It And Grow Your Business.

Why it's vital to the success of your endeavor that you create a strategy for adoption.

Price Sends a Message (Even in Healthcare), So Which One Are You Sending?

How you charge tells your customers what’s valuable.

Take A Lesson from Apple: A Strategy to Keep Customers in Your Ecosystem

Develop an ecosystem that people won’t want to leave

Starbucks Is Reinventing the Role of Payments. Will Payments Leaders Take Notice?

Transactions don’t have to be just an afterthought.

How to Save an Imploding Company

Giant tech companies like Yahoo, Nokia, RIM, and AOL, are on the brink of extinction, unless their leaders make some big changes.

Want To Create A Breakout Product? Start With A Narrow Focus

One thing we've learned from Apple over the years: Roll out a limited product and expand it later.

Want To Upend An Entire Industry? Change Its Revenue Stream

By looking at the eight possible revenue models, writes Jump's Ryan Baum, you can reinvent a business.

What The Girl ScoutsTaught Us About Raising Leaders

Jump Associates and the Girl Scouts developed tips to train the girls to become future leaders.

7 Steps For Creating Disruptive New Retail Experiences

Why people are willing to pay $4 for Starbucks and clog Apple stores to play with electronic gadgets.

There are 3 Types of Innovation – Here's How To Manage Them

How to create two important opportunities by tailoring development process to innovation.

Sometimes a Brand Isn't Worth Saving – Here's How To Tell

Five questions to ask before deciding whether to invest in a rebranding campaign or pull the plug.

Revitalizing Your Business

Just because a brand is under-performing does not mean it should be reinvented. Ask these 5 key questions.

What's in a Name?

Ironically, what companies call teams tasked with disruptive change often determine their success.

Making Sense of Ambiguous Challenges

If you change your business model, you'll also change your idea.

Parallel Clustering: Synthesizing Insights into Clear Directions

How to reach consensus when faced with new data.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm

An in-depth look at Jump and the art of tackling highly ambiguous chllaenges.

Why Can't Big Companies Solve Big Problems?

Companies can manage complexity, but they're quite bad at tackling ambiguity.

Thriving in Ambiguity

What can we learn from organizations that seem to thrive in uncertain environments.

Could Empathy Teach Marketers to Cease Fire?

If marketers acted more like the "marketed to," we'd all be better off.

Wanted: Creative Leaders for Energy

What are the strategy lessons we can learn from the Deepwater disaster.

Seven Ways to See the World in a New Light

Business growth today requires new ways of looking at the world around you.

Made to Stick: Watch the Game Film

Football coaches pore over the game film. We should do the same in business.

The Art of Looking

More than ever, top-line business growth requires new ways of looking at the world.

True Empathy is Key to Effective Philanthropy

Exploring the impact of empathy in the non-profit world.

The Fundamentals of Innovation

How IBM, Hallmark, and Apple get innovation right, but not for the reasons you think.

The Ten Habits of Great Ideators

Consider this article your first history lesson in the secrets of ideation.

Mapping The Future in Uncertain Times

Opportunity maps help leaders chart a path for future growth.

Reinventing the MBA: 4 Reasons to Mix Business With Design Thinking

Why the old MBA framework is broken.

The San Diego Zoo's Newest Exhibit: Innovation

The San Diego Zoo proves it's never too late to rethink your business model.

Innovation Starts with Empathy

To grow, develop deep connections with the people you serve.

Embrace Your Small Ideas for Big Impacts

Nothing can kill innovation faster than the performance anxiety.

Rewiring Your Corporation for Intuition

Imagine a place where every person has an intuitive connection to customers.

Crafting Your Own Innovation Strategy: The Who, What, and How

A good innovation strategy requires rigorous thinking, backed up data.

Forget Design Thinking and Try Hybrid Thinking

Hybridity is the key to tackling today's most ambiguous business challenges.

How Real Innovation Moves the Needle

In tough times, innovation matters. Just remember: It's not about novelty.

Four Opportunities to Strengthen a Brand Community

Building brand communities in a confusing Web 2.0 world.


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