Improve your Current Care Delivery Strategy

Many health system leaders find themselves in the position of needing to improve core business results before they can turn their sights on disruptive innovation. The future of value-based care is exciting, but it’s often a distraction from the day-to-day focus on delivering great care, creating an amazing patient experience, attracting and retaining the best people, and unleashing the full power of technology.

We will help you optimize your core services and go-to-market strategy so you can improve health as well as financial outcomes.

Envision the Future of Care and Business Models

While everyone agrees that our current volume-based healthcare delivery model is unsustainable, few can articulate in concrete terms how we create new value for patients, physicians and businesses. It’s a task that demands analytical rigor as well as a fundamental re-imagining of possibilities.

We help you envision and define real, viable business ideas for helping people stay well, rewiring relationships with insurers and the community, and opening up new top-line growth opportunities beyond traditional healthcare services.

Manage Change with Strategic Experiments

It is challenging to prepare for disruption and improve the core business at the same time. We cannot achieve this through old ways of thinking and acting. The transformation journey need to be carefully managed through new business experiments that enable the organize to learn fast, create new habits, push the culture, and dramatize the benefits of moving to new models of care.

We help leaders across the healthcare ecosystem co-create innovative ideas, pilot strategic initiatives, and align around a clear roadmap for scaling new processes and offerings.



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