GE Healthcare develops nurse training for the 21st century.

Jump worked with GE Healthcare to identify and develop a portfolio of six solution spaces within nurse education with comprehensive training courses.

GE Healthcare Educational Services new training for nurses.

A shortage in skilled nurses.

There’s a critical shortage of qualified nurses in North America, a challenge that has been cited by experts in healthcare and government alike as a major challenge for the coming decades. Faced with this challenge, the Education Services Group of GE Healthcare set out to explore new opportunities in clinical education — in search of both growth and positive impact.

Nurses today end up doing a lot more than what they were trained to do in school.

A team from GE and Jump initiated an insights and ideation program to develop new business concepts to crack the problem. They conducted on-site interviews with nurses, nurse educators, and hospital risk managers in order to understand the bigger picture of the space instead of just the crisis in nurse staffing. Together, GE and Jump developed a portfolio of new solution spaces with comprehensive training courses to help get qualified nurses into the market quickly.

Training programs to meet today’s needs.

GE and Jump designed new-to-the-job skills, training, and career coaching that help nurses successfully move to a new specialty or leadership role. The team also created a program to outsource hospital education departments to help hospitals control costs while improving the quality of care.


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