FedEx Launches a New Global Tracking Business

FedEx has given SenseAware℠ the green light, from Chairman Fred Smith on down, and is currently rolling the business out internationally.

FedEx SenseAware Jump Case Study

Launching a new innovation is tough.

FedEx held a state-of-the-art new sensor-based technology in their hands, called SenseAware℠. The new technology was expected to shake up the supply chain world, but with competition on its heels and little room for error in identifying international markets, FedEx needed a flawless commercialization strategy to realize the full business potential SenseAware offered.

Identifying the right adoption strategy is critical.

Together with FedEx, Jump interviewed stakeholders within manufacturers and logistics companies to gain a deeper understanding of their supply chain needs. The work also included international research in key markets around the world, holistic evaluation of potential markets, competitor analysis, and robust business analysis of different opportunities to ensure the most strategic expansion.

Selling to the right mindset can make a world of difference.

Research showed that there are four unique mindsets that affect what companies expect of their supply chains. This learning enabled the team to identify the right industries and companies for FedEx to focus its business development efforts on. Along with these proprietary insights, the team delivered a product development strategy along with target-specific value propositions that gave FedEx a clear path forward.

FedEx founder and Chairman gives SenseAware℠ the green light.

FedEx has successfully begun phase one of the international roll-out of SenseAware℠ based on the commercialization strategy developed with Jump. A green light from Chairman Fred Smith has enabled the successful transition of the business from the innovation group into the core business. FedEx was also awarded the top honor in the categories of “Innovation” and “Security” at the 2012 World Mail Awards for the SenseAware℠ information service.


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