Chrysler Comes Up With a Winning Strategy to Reach Millennials

The team discovered that Millennials were looking for a responsible car choice and prized subtlety over show, 180 degrees different that what prevailing wisdom at the company said.

2013 Dodge Dart


Chrysler was losing the battle for Millennials. 

Chrysler’s sales to twenty-somethings were on the decline. Executives knew  they had to do something to connect with Millennials to stop the sales slide but weren’t sure what type of car would appeal to them. Chrysler needed to figure out whether a whole new brand was needed, or if a new platform designed for Mellennials would be the solution to declining sales.

A surprising finding from a unique research method.

Realizing Millennials aren’t used to articulating car preferences, Jump opted for unconventional methods to elicit their deeper values and aspirations. Instead of the usual surveys, the team created  custom “game nights” that brought up surprising stories and social dynamics between participants. What the team discovered was 180 degrees from prevailing wisdom at the company: Millennials were looking for a responsible car choice and prized savvy over the showy.

Smart on the outside, luxurious on the inside.

Jump defined a new vehicle architecture which became the Dodge Dart, unveiled at the 2012 Detroit auto show to critical acclaim. The Dart embodies the strategy Jump outlined for Chrysler, with a smart exterior and luxurious interior. These features stood out to Kelley Blue Book, which ranked Dart No. 1 on its list of 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 because of its “enticing combination of style, performance, features, and value” including “exceptional interior space and loads of personalization.” It is on pace to sell more than 65,000 vehicles in its first 12 months on the market, exceeding analyst expectations. Additionally, it has sold more units every month of availability, contributing to overall top-line growth.



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