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Have you struggled in your job search because you can’t seem to find the right job description for what you want to do? Do you enjoy geeking out with others over a good story, the latest business news, or a new product? Do you believe working with others makes you smarter? Jump may be just what you’re looking for.

At Jump, we can’t live without teamwork. We believe solving highly ambiguous problems is much easier with a teammate by your side. Together, we consciously pull together our knowledge from all different disciplines to come up with new strategies for our clients. As such, we do jobs a little differently – we don’t hire based on specific disciplines or roles, we hire based on the overall contribution a person can bring to our team. As hybrid thinkers, each associate’s role and responsibilities depends on their strengths, passions, and the level of experience and education they bring.


Questions? We've got answers.

Finding a new career is never easy, and learning how a company actually works is perhaps even more challenging. To help you understand the ins and outs of Jump, we suggest a visit to the About section of our website. There you'll learn more about our culture, our approach, and the work we do for some of the biggest companies on Earth. And for a quick reference guide to the hiring process, click here.

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Although we might be in between hiring periods, we'd still love to know if you're interested in a career at Jump. To stay in touch, please Sign up for our Careers Mailing List. We'll be sure to notify you when we begin recruiting again. Your email will only be used for recruiting purposes. To join our business newsletter, click here.


We currently have no open positions.


I do not have any relevant,  non-confidential work samples I can share. What else can I submit for a work sample?

Take the Jump Challenge. Think of it as a take home case study. It’s a great way to show us how you work and think, especially if you don’t have any work samples you can share with us.

To take the challenge, choose a question from the list below:

  • What should Netflix do with their business model?
  • What's the next smartphone for Motorola?
  • What should hospitals do to successfully manage the changing face of healthcare in America?
  • What’s the future of entertainment for a cable provider like Comcast?
  • What's next for publishing - what's a magazine to do?
  • How should a large banking institution like Bank of America target new services for consumers?
  • Define your own ambiguous question you’d like to work on.

Since these questions are ones that Jump would likely spend months on a team answering, we don’t expect that you’ll come to us with a full answer. Instead, outline how you might approach coming to a solution to this challenge question, then spend some time working on some aspect of your approach. From your work, share with us in 10 pages or less your approach to the problem as well as a summary of the top insights/ ideas you feel would be compelling as part of the answer to the question.

NOTE: These are hypothetical questions and not based on any client requests. Your responses will be used purely for recruiting purposes.

Do you still have an Externship/Contracting Associate program?

No. Moving forward we are only offering full-time positions. Over the years we have fostered our culture and fine-tuned our recruiting, onboarding and training processes to ensure that we recognize and hire the best hybrid candidates and that they go onto gaining a solid understanding of how we apply the theories, philosophies, and the methodologies that are the foundation of our work and make Jump's work unique.

Are Internships available at Jump?

At this time we do not offer Internships.

How can I stand out as a promising candidate?

Show us your high bar for quality. Display how your hybrid background gives you a unique perspective, and how you can bring insight to mundane business problems. Show us how you're willing to keep working at something until you get it right.

When should I apply for a position at Jump?

Send in your application when our website indicates that we are currently recruiting, and no earlier than 4 months before you graduate or are available to start full-time employment. We do not keep applications active beyond the current recruiting cycle.

When do you recruit?

We recruit throughout the year as based on our staffing needs. The page you are currently on will list the positions and locations that are currently available.

Who manages the recruiting process and makes the hiring decisions?

Recruiting at Jump is run by a small core team who reviews applications and makes critical decisions, and a larger extended team that comes in for interviews and provides feedback. We all work full time on client projects, so we can really speak to what's needed on projects.

I'm not a US resident. Will Jump sponsor my visa to work at Jump?

Currently, we can only consider candidates who have a permanent right to work in the US without sponsorship.

I want to find out more about Jump before submitting an application. Can I get an informational interview or speak to the recruiting team or HR?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants, we have to prioritize the candidates who have already submitted their materials and are considered to have a relevant background. If you have a specific question that is not answered here in the FAQs, please send an email to with the subject "Questions about Jump" and we will try to get you a good answer.

I would like to invite Jump to my institution’s upcoming recruiting event, who should I contact?

Career fairs and recruiting events provide a nice setting for prospective candidates and students to learn about Jump, and for Jump to meet wonderful talent. To invite Jump to your institution’s upcoming event, please send event details to

Can I send in a link to my website in lieu of my writing and work samples?

Because we are really looking to get a sense of what you feel is your best work (out of all your work), we prefer PDF, Word, or PowerPoint docs to websites. We will definitely refer to websites listed if we are interested in knowing more after reviewing your Work Samples/Portfolio document and writing sample, however, what is most useful initially is being able to get an overview of what you can do best. We would hate to accidentally miss a link on your website which might contain some of what you consider your best work.

When should I expect to hear back from Jump after submitting my application?

It is our personal goal to review and respond to every application within 4 weeks of submission. If you don’t hear from us after 4 weeks, send us an email at with the subject “Application status Check – (your name).” We will look into what’s going on with your application and get you a response.

I would like to be notified when Jump has open positions, is that possible?

To stay in the loop on available positions at Jump, please Sign up for our Careers Mailing List. We'll be sure to notify you when we have openings. Your email will only be used for recruiting purposes.

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