Vehicle Definition

Younger customers and international markets have different needs. OEM’s are producing a wider variety of vehicles types, body styles, tech packages and drive trains to cater to these differences. Jump helps planners nail the right architecture, unique selling proposition, and feature set for different markets and customer segments.

Customer Experience

Retail is undergoing massive transformation. Customers can browse, shop and buy in stores, on laptops and on mobile devices. Multi-channel will change every element of the customer experience from discovery, to sales, to service. Jump defines unique service offerings and channel experience that attract customers, drive repeat sales and create lifetime customer value.

Technology Strategy

Cars are becoming more technologically enabled. Cleaner drive trains, predictive infotainment systems, assisted driving features will be the norm. Clear value propositions and offerings that dramatize the benefits of these new technologies are needed. Jump develops new offerings, adoption strategies, and monetization plans to turn these technologies into profitable offerings.

Portfolio Planning

Consolidation, increasing development velocity, diverse customer segments and expanding international markets increase market complexity for OEM’s. Efficiencies are needed to remain competitive. Jump brings together customer, technology and market insights for bold recommendations on how to rationalize and tailor product portfolios.

Future Scenario Planning

The pace of change is mind blowing. Competition doesn't neatly follow the old rules. Competition is ambiguous and the future increasingly unpredictable, while OEM’s need to make 5-10 year investments. Jump uses scenario planning to determine critical uncertainties and key factors to create flexible product and service strategies that succeed in many futures.



Design Strategies for Technology Adoption

Innovation is one thing; success in the marketplace, quite another. Design becomes the channel for uniting these two realities.

Jump Blog

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