A Living, Breathing Hybrid Team

It would be easy to splash a bunch of fancy bios across this page and call it day, but that’s not what we tend to celebrate at Jump. We cherish interesting ideas and compelling work. And so, we invite you to meet our team through their latest thinking. To learn more about who we are, check out the authors and blogs below.

  • Jump Authors

    The hybrid nature of Jump's work attracts a community of thinkers with a variety of interests and areas of expertise. That diversity, in turn, creates an intense curiosity for the world around us. Here's a sampling of some of our most prolific writers, thought leaders and voices for change.

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    When multiple disciplines inhabit the same brain, something magical starts to happen. The disciplines themselves mutate. They hybridize. We practice business like a designer. We shape technology like a culturalist. And we think about big challenges like an entrepreneur.

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    At our core, we are a highly exploratory organization. Everyday, our people search far and wide for new knowledge that will help us address some the most ambiguous challenges in business. This section of content is devoted to that search and the new ideas bubbling to the surface at Jump.

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