A New Kind of Strategy. A New Kind of Strategy Firm.

From our founding, we built Jump to meet a new class of problem. We’re optimized to tackle the kinds of persistent, highly ambiguous questions that keep great leaders up at night and send the common consultant running for the hills. Technology companies want to own the future of media. Snackmakers realize that their business will disappear unless they can make healthy food a growth business. Car companies want to know what the world will need them to become 10 years from now. These aren’t merely questions about strategy, design, marketing, technology, or social research. They’re about all of them at the same time.

Solving highly ambiguous problems requires us to cultivate a unique and compelling culture of Team. In addition to helping us achieve breakthrough results for clients, this has prompted The Wall Street Journal to name us one of the top workplaces in America.

Hybridity Brings Clarity to Ambiguity

Tackling issues of such complexity has required us to create a very different kind of consulting firm. Instead of throwing our weight behind a single discipline or even a multidisciplinary mixed bag of ideas, we have consciously cultivated a new type of office environment, a new kind of talent recruitment, and even a fundamentally new way of measuring the performance of our people. Our culture and environment of Team is every bit as important to the work we do as the methods and ideas we've developed over the years.

Ruthlessly Committed to Our Clients' Success – Guaranteed

Our business model is based on an idea that we think should be obvious: that a consultant's reward should be based on the happiness of the client. That's why if you work with us and aren't excited and inspired by the answers we deliver, we'll give you your money back or keep working on it until you are. For this reason we seek a relationship characterized by candor, integrity, and a pragmatic adherence to objectives over activities. We rely on the expertise and experience of our clients even as we bring to bear capabilities that are absent in the corporate world.

Great Business Creates Positive Social Change

Jump is committed to social change. We aim to solve the Big Needs that plague our society, whether they be the violence of modern life, the hardship of growing old, or the fraying of our communities.

We recognize that the greatest engine of change in the last hundred years has been industry. It has won wars. It has created havoc.

We believe that the most powerful harness of this awesome engine is a combination of heartfelt empathy, thoughtful strategy and compelling design. These disciplines reconnect capitalist activity with positive social change. For our clients, this can lead to massive financial reward.

To help businesses change society, we need to help each and every company understand that right now, there are people in the world who could benefit from the help their firm could offer. And they're willing to pay for it. Doing so won't just transform the world. It'll give our clients what they crave most... a reacquaintance with the reasons they got into business to begin with.

The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces named Jump as one of the best workplaces in America.

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Jump New York

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