A Survival Guide for Retail Banking

December 21, 2012

The steps that banks can take to remain relevent. 

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Empathy in Healthcare’s a Waste, Unless It’s a Strategic Focus.

Building an organization that is truly wired to care requires a commitment by all.

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Three Imperatives to Transform Innovation in Pharma

Our health landscape has shifted from infectious diseases to complex lifetime conditions.

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Don’t Get Distracted By the Healthcare Debate

UnitedHealth Group is in the business of providing access to effective healthcare, not just insurance.

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Do You Know What Your Adoption Risk Is? Here’s How To Reduce It And Grow Your Business.

Whether you’re a corporation, a startup, or a VC firm, it’s vital that you create a strategy for adoption.

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A Positive Attitude With the Elderly Can Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

December 20, 2012

I was just reading this NY Times article about how elderly people’s health dramatically differs based on what stereotypes about the elderly are pervasive. If there are negative stereotypes, elderly folks will have lower cognitive function and physical health, and they will be less likely to seek preventative care. However, if positive stereotypes are pervasive,

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Price Sends a Message (Even in Healthcare), So Which One Are You Sending?

December 19, 2012

How you charge tells your customers what’s valuable.

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Take A Lesson from Apple: A Strategy to Keep Customers in Your Ecosystem

3 tactics to help you develop an ecosystem that people won’t want to leave.

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Starbucks Is Reinventing the Role of Payments. Will Payments Leaders Take Notice?

Transactions don’t have to be just an afterthought – they can play an important supporting role.

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