The Power of Hybrid Thinking

December 6, 2011

Dev recently spoke with Forbes Managing Editor, Bruce Upbin, about the challenges facing leaders today, and how how hybrid thinking can help. “You don’t need to hire smarter people. You have to inspire and unleash the talents of the people who already work for you,” explains Dev. Read more about how to cultivate hybrid thinkers

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Want To Create A Breakout Product? Start With A Narrow Focus

November 15, 2011

One thing we’ve learned from Apple over the years: Roll out a limited product and expand it later.

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Want To Upend An Entire Industry? Change Its Revenue Stream

By looking at the eight possible revenue models, writes Jump’s Ryan Baum, you can reinvent a business.

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What The Girl ScoutsTaught Us About Raising Leaders

As part of the organization’s rebranding, the Girl Scouts has introduced an innovation component. In designing the program, Jump Associates developed some tips for training girls to become future leaders.

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7 Steps For Creating Disruptive New Retail Experiences

Why are people willing to pay $4 for coffee at Starbucks and clog Apple stores to play with electronic gadgets? Both companies reinvented the retail experience.

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There are 3 Types of Innovation – Here’s How To Manage Them

By tailoring the product development process for different kinds of innovations, a firm can give itself the opportunity to generate immediate new product revenues while cultivating future opportunities.

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Sometimes a Brand Isn’t Worth Saving – Here’s How To Tell

Five questions to ask before deciding whether to invest in a rebranding campaign or pull the plug.

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Hybrid Thinking in the Executive Suite

November 14, 2011

Dev Patnaik keynotes at the North American Chief Marketing Officer Conference (CMO) Thursday, November 17, 2011. The event brings together top executives from many of America’s most innovative organizations. Dev will share how to leverage hybrid thinking to achieve growth in times of ambiguity.

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Creating a Portfolio of Innovations

November 11, 2011

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The Role of Tech in Diplomacy

November 10, 2011

Alonzo Canada joined tech luminaries and diplomats in Washington DC this week for a Visioning Tech Diplomacy retreat. The focus of the event, hosted by the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy, was how connection technologies and social media can make diplomacy more effective. Learn more about the Office here.

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